We’ve decided to change the initial concept of this blog from five minutes of awesome Kodiak footage to 30 seconds of equally awesome Kodiak footage. It’ll leave you wanting more instead of waiting for it to be over. So from now on, you can get your Kodiak fix at:



pardon us. we’re revamping.

Today’s five minutes are a snippet of Kodiak at the dog park.

Today’s five minutes are of Kodiak when I got home from a long day of work.

Today’s five minutes are a snippet of Kodiak’s morning walk in the community garden grounds behind our house (my favorite part is around 1:05-1:06).

Today’s five minutes are from when I met my mom halfway between my house and her house to pick up Kodiak from her.

Note: This video isn’t really edited, I just accidentally hit the “stop record” button and didn’t notice for a few seconds.

Today’s five minutes are recorded after I told Kodiak that I was going away for the weekend and he would be spending the next three days with my parents.